Deep Stacked Ensemble Learning Model for COVID-19 Classification
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Graph Transformer for Communities Detection in Social Networks
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A Personalized Eccentric Cyber-Physical System Architecture for Smart Healthcare
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Computer Vision-Enabled Character Recognition of Hand Gestures for Patients with Hearing and Speaking Disability
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A Perspective Roadmap for IoMT-Based Early Detection and Care of the Neural Disorder, Dementia
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Cloud-Based Fault Prediction Using IoT in Office Automation for Improvisation of Health of Employees
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Adaptive Diagnosis of Lung Cancer by Deep Learning Classification Using Wilcoxon Gain and Generator
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EGMM video surveillance for monitoring urban traffic scenario
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Futuristic Cyber-Twin Architecture for 6G Technology to Support Internet of Everything
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PoC Design: A Methodology for Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Development on Internet of Things Connected Dynamic Environments
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Evaluation of Ergonomics-Related Disorders in Online Education Using Fuzzy AHP
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An Approach for Thoracic Syndrome Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks
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Action classification and analysis during sports training session using fuzzy model and video surveillance
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An Intelligent Session Key-Based Hybrid Lightweight Image Encryption Algorithm Using Logistic-Tent Map and Crossover Operator for Internet of Multimedia Things
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Computational Intelligence Techniques for Combating COVID-19
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Corona virus-related Disease Pandemic: A Review on Machine Learning Approaches and Treatment Trials on Diagnosed Population for Future Clinical Decision Support
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Impact of covid-19 infodemic on the global picture
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Predicting the security threats of internet rumors and spread of false information based on sociological principle
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A Study on Technology-LED Solutions for Fruit Grading to Address Post-Harvest Handling Issues of Horticultural Crops
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An efficient hybrid methodology for detection of cancer-causing gene using CSC for micro array data
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Decision-making on the existence of soft exudates in diabetic retinopathy
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Green Information and Communication Systems for a Sustainable Future
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A study on technology-led solutions for fruit grading to address post-harvest handling issues of horticultural crops

Modern techniques for agricultural disease management and crop yield prediction
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Multimodal sentiment analysis: A survey and comparison
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Association clustering and Time Series based data mining in Continuous data for Diabetes Prediction
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Design of New Architecture for Model Management Systems using Knowledge Sharing Concept
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